We are an independent Group with a strong industrial vocation focused on the replacement tyre business in the B2B distribution, retail and e-commerce sector.

Our dynamic development strategy is enacted based on organic growth and acquisitions with the aim of enhancing the entrepreneurial excellence of the sector that currently exists in Europe. The objective is to consolidate the distribution industry by creating a new value chain based on innovative integration services with strategic suppliers and customers.

This growth is achieved through the integrated development of the various commercial companies present in the Group, in the distribution, retail and e-commerce B2C channels, with the ultimate objective being to improve the Group’s efficiency and value offering for our customers and suppliers.

We are the only Group in Europe simultaneously present in all tyre application segments, being multi-brand, multi-channel and multi-country.

Our governance model has been developed by taking inspiration from specific values. Agility, honesty and simplicity represent who we are and the principles to which we inspire in guiding our business and rapports, both within the team and with suppliers and customers alike.

Customers represent the heart and engine of our business. We constantly and tenaciously strive to achieve the best standards in terms of service and product, also investing in digital to maintain a high standard and keep up-to-date with technology.

Our ambition

We aim to expand our replacement tyre distribution platform in all European countries, leveraging our ability to control the market, distribute products at competitive costs, develop innovative and valuable services for our customers and suppliers.

Our belief lies in the progress and continuous improvement of our services in step with the evolution of technology. This consideration translates into constant work on specific projects at a Group level, including digital innovation, logistics and cloud-based IT integration.