Each year Fintyre actively supports the activities of volunteering associations

Friends of Pediatrics No-profit Organization: taking care of hospitalized children

Fintyre and Pneusmarket Partner supported with a danation the activities of Friends of Pediatrics No-profit Organization, which takes care of hospitalized children of Papa Giovanni XXIII hospital in Bergamo.

Thanks to its volunteers, this Association provides human, emotional and medical support to hospitalized children and to their families, creating a peaceful and loving environment.

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Together with UILDM in the fight against muscular dystrophy

Fintyre has renewed its social commitment by supporting UILDM -Italian Union for the fight against muscolar dystrophy, which over the past 50 years has been a reference point for patients with muscolar dystrophies and other neuromuscular diseases.

Founded in August 1961 by Federico Milcovich, the association has specific goals and projects:

  • promoting scientific research by all means, as well as medical information on progressive muscolar dystrophies and on other neuromuscolar diseases
  • fostering social inclusion of those with disability by breaking down any kind of barrier

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Bimbingambe: for children all over the world

Bimbingamba no-profit organization takes care of children from all the world and who have lost one or more limb due to accidents, diseases or injuries caused by war.

Volunteers from the association take care of children and their tutors throughout their stay in partner centers and look after them until the biological end of growth.

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Together with Italian Red Cross for flood victims in Sardinia

Right after the floods in Sardinia, Fintyre supported the Italian Red Cross that helped managing the emergency by sending essential goods and providing functioning operations rooms.