In Europe, in every market segment

We have developed a unique business strategy in the field of replacement tyres, one which allows us to control each segment of the market, in a logic of growth and an increasingly-widespread presence throughout the European territory.

The four pillars of our business model

with a multi-segmentation strategy for:

  • automobiles, motorcycles, medium-heavy transport, agriculture, industrial and earthmoving vehicles, wheels and TPMS (Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems)


  • through the partnership with all tyre manufacturerspresent at a local and international level, in the various commercial segments: Premium, Value and Budget

through the synergy between “traditional” and “innovative” channels, being:

  • B2B distribution focused on professionals in the sector, based on warehouse hubs and sites distributed throughout the territory and via online platforms for order and logistics management
  • a network of “physical” sales points servicing the various target groups of the end customers, supported by digital communication tools and customer care
  • B2B e-Commerce platforms

a leader in Germany and Italy, with strong growth in France, gradually expanding into new European markets